Dyan Birch, 1949 - 2020

I would like to share this beautiful eulogy written by Dyan's closest friend, Frank Collins:

"It’s with the deepest sadness I’m here to announce the passing of my lifelong friend the incredibly beautiful Dyan Birch, who passed peacefully in her sleep yesterday morning after suffering for many years with the respiratory condition known as C.O.P.D.

Most of you will know Dyan from the bands ‘Arrival’ and ‘Kokomo’.

Dy was loved and adored by her many fans and by everyone who had the pleasure and privilege of knowing her ... I adored her from the moment we met when she worked in ‘NEMS’ record store in Liverpool, our home town, when I would rush down to NEMS every lunch hour to hear the latest records. I was ‘Motown’ mad and still am!

I saw this most strikingly beautiful girl behind the counter, who instantly attracted me. One day she just said to me, ‘Go into the booth and listen to this...' It was ‘Aretha’s’ I Never Loved A Man' ... I melted on the spot... That was the beginning of a very special friendship which I will cherish for all my days and beyond.

Everyone who knew Dy loved her... and what was not to love..? The purest most honest spirit who’s inner beauty dazzled. Her stunningly beautiful voice and her light that for me will shine forever...

Sleep in heavenly peace, my dear, dear friend... Words can’t express my sadness, except to say each tear is filled with the deepest love..."

Frank Collins